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Matt Black

£ 1895
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"Product of the Year Award - The XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 subwoofer is one of the most powerful subwoofers we’ve ever tested."

- Josh Ricci, Audioholics - 

Cinema Series - Home Theater Shack (USA)

September 30 - 2015

"Never once did I hear the SUB3X12 make an untoward noise, no port chuffing, no complaints from the drivers, no audible distortion, no abnormal sounds."    "As capable as the SUB3X12 proved to be the speakers actually stole the show, and boy did they ever play their part beautifully."    "This is a different level of detail here folks."    "So revealing - and flat out pleasant sounding - was this system that I spent far more time enjoying music than I did anything else. It's a rare treat for me to hear sound reproduced at this level..."    "The XTZ Cinema Series is a sonic tour de force, a complete system that encourages you to dig deep into your movie and music collection to unearth hidden gems long since forgotten. Why? Because now you will want to experience everything in your library all over again."    "The SUB3X12 is a beast and can certainly hold its own, but for me the real stars of this show were the speakers."    "I honestly can't think of a single legitimate complaint about the M6 mains or S5 surrounds, and with how picky I am that's saying quite a lot."    "If you want a system that will simultaneously get your friends tongues wagging and their jaws dropping then XTZ Sound has something you need to hear…"

- Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack

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Cinema SUB 3X12 - Audioholics (USA)

September 08 - 2015

Score: 5/5    Value: 5/5    "Product of the Year Award"    "The XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 subwoofer is one of the most powerful subwoofers we’ve ever tested. It proved to be unflappable no matter what source material I threw at it or torture test I had it endure." "This is a serious bass system at a very down to earth price. " "...a killer deal..."

- Josh Ricci, Audioholics

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Cinema SUB 3X12 - AREA DVD (Germany)

May 12 - 2015

"Price range - Reference - Award"    "First-class, ultra-solid and loud playing active subwoofer for a very reasonable price"    “The performance from most competitors seems like a gentle breeze in comparison at best.”    “The sheer force offered by the Swede is really impressive and shakes all the way down to the very foundation of listening room. Everything that gets thrown at the SUB 3X12 is handled with ease without breaking a sweat. This is because each chassis has its own power amplifier, so there is no performance degradation, even under heavy loads.”

- Carsten Rampacher, AREA DVD

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Cinema SUB 3x12 - HemmaBio (Sweden)

November 27 - 2014

"A real success from XTZ, and we give the SUB 3X12 our warmest recommendations!" 

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio

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Cinema Series - Ljud och Bild (Sweden)

September 19 - 2014

Score: 6/6    "Speaker system of the year - award" 

"This speaker system is a winner. It offers first class sound quality and dynamics in a price range where we thought it was impossible to get this far. It's simply awesome. The largest subwoofer is incredibly powerful - and that's an understatement..." 

- Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild

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Cinema Series - SuperAV (China)

June 25 - 2015

"I really enjoyed the sound penetration and impacting brought by Cinema series." 

- Jiajie Luo, SuperAV

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