Buy & Try

  • Try our speakers in the best environment – your home - for 30 days!
  • Receive professional advice to help you achieve the best from your sound system
  • No sales people putting pressure on you to buy equipment they want to sell you
  • 100% risk free - get your money back if you aren’t satisfied
  • No stress and no disorganized shop environment to contend with while listening to the speakers
  • Take the time to find the best settings to get the perfect sound in your room
A good alternative to buying from your local dealer

When you evaluate speakers at the dealer’s shop/showroom, what you’re hearing is the speakers and dealer’s listening room working together in combination to reproduce your favorite music. This means that what you’re paying for is something that reproduce at home as your listening room will have different characteristics than the dealer’s. A speaker’s sound can vary as it depends on many factors and that is why you will have no way of knowing exactly how it will sound until you hear it in your own home. Considering this, our Buy & Try Policy becomes the perfect alternative to buying from your local dealer/showroom. Buy & Try is a way for us to prove the quality of our products and it offers you the most convenient way of making sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. We also want to try and help you with whatever problem you might have with your setup. If you’re still not satisfied after this, then you may return the speakers. We will help you to obtain the best possible shipping cost for the return by leveraging our shipping agreement.

Terms and conditions

The return must be authorized by us in advance. Once the product is back at XTZ without any damage (caused by you, “the customer”), then we will return your money. If the product is damaged in a way that can’t be blamed on the return shipment, then we will need to deduct the product’s drop in value from the money that will be sent back to you. The value is decided on a case by case basis because each incident is unique. If you have accidently damaged a product that you want to send back, then you can email us with pictures of the damage to get an estimate of the drop in value. It is very important to save the original box, packaging material and all accessories. Keep everything in perfect condition. If anything is damaged or missing, there will be money deducted. Please let us know what is damaged or missing before the return if you want to know how much we will deduct. The Buy & Try Policy does NOT apply to our Room Analyzer or cables.

Buy & Try is available in all EU countries.

If your country is not part of the EU or you have any question regarding our Buy & Try Policy, don´t hesitate to contact us to get more information.