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Cinema Series customer feedback
Posted on December 08 - 2017 by Jag Phull

So, Paul H from Eastchurch, Kent was the first lucky owner of the XTZ Cinema Series M8 speakers a few weeks back. These took centre stage (quite literally) of his dedicated cinema room which was in fact conceived, installed and calibrated by us as Epic Home Cinema. The M8 were supported at the front by a dual pair of corner loaded XTZ 12.17 subwoofers. These allowed us to fine tune the cinema performance along with Dirac eq which is a superb feature in our AVR's of the choice, Arcam.

The end result was a sound that absolutely blew Paul and his partner away. A cinema nut with a well tuned ear for 'dynamic and punchy' sound, Paul is over the moon with his system. We'll be taking a pro video of the system shortly to share hear with the readership. Here's an extract of something Paul posted on AVForums:

"....Anyone looking to purchase XTZ, please be assured that the M8s are an INCREDIBLE set of speakers and I urge you to listen to them. I came from classic M&K speakers which were tremendous (they still have great speakers) but I fancied a change and believe I made the correct decision to upgrade to this model. Again, I am not bashing just stating fact based on my experience. I urge you to listen to these speakers and even if they are outside your budget, the M6s (and the Spirit series) absolutely rock and I was blessed to be able to go one step further. "

- Paul H

Come join the home Cinema revolution. Get in touch for a demo in our dedicated cinema suite. We'll supply the popcorn.

Because 'BIG movies deserve BIG sound'

XTZ Sound UK will be at the Bristol Hi Fi show!
Posted on November 08 - 2017 by Jag Phull

We at XTZ Sound UK are pleased to confirm that we will be exhibiting for the first time at the Bristol Show in February 2018.  The show will be taking place between Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th February 2018. 

Come meet us in the Marriot City Centre Hotel, Bristol, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD.
We'll be ready and waiting in room 422 where we hope to showcase some of our award winning products. 

An Epic opening weekend with the Arcam team!
Posted on October 19 - 2017 by Jag Phull

This weekend we had an army of enthusiasts swarm across for a celebration of everything XTZ and Arcam. This isn't a first.  Did you know that the Arcam team utilise the XTZ Microphone Pro for all dealer training and endorse it as the preferred microphone of choice?  This isn't of course the first collaboration between a Scandinavian manufacturer and the best of British.  The Arcam AVR/AV/SR range utilise Dirac room equalisation which itself has its origin in the heart of Sweden. 


We were pleased to host 26 persons visiting this weekend.  They enjoyed in room one of three a complete 7.1.4 XTZ Spirit series system processed through an Arcam AVR550.  A further room celebrated the XTZ Divine Alpha, the flagship reference 3 way system. The third room and our main award winning demonstration facility showcased the new XTZ Cinema M8 speakers as the powerhouse front 3.  Processing and power in this room was completed by an Arcam suite lead by the Arcam AVR850. 

We look forward to sharing with our customers (new and old) some footage from the event together with a video testimonial by attendees.  For now, we'll say that the systems went down a treat.  The XTZ Spirit system is proving popular. Modular and flexible, a potent AV combo can be made up through usage of either the Spirit 11,8,6 or 2 range.  Put to these either the Spirit Sub 12 or XTZ subs outside of this range and you have a system which offers reference performance at a super competitive price.  A 7.1.4 system can be had for under £2600!

Do get in touch if you'd like a demonstration, or feel free to order through our system here on where you could have your system delivered and in your room within 48 hours or sometimes 24!  we hold stock of all ranges. 




Go big or go home
Posted on August 21 - 2017 by Jag Phull

As fragile Brexit negotiations continue in a divided and not so strong and stable United Kingdom, we've decided its time to 'go big or go home'. XTZ products will now be more accessible than ever before to the UK market. With strong and stable stock held and customer service better than ever, we are proud to announce that with our XTZ UK team, we will not only build and develop our online presence to make the products even more easily accesible, quickly and effortlessly but will also offer through our UK team the option of experiencing and enjoying demonstrations of our products in an optimised and ultimate environment.

What does that mean? Have you heard our multi award winning Cinema Series? Have you experienced our unapologetically substantial flagship Divine Alpha loudspeaker that represents the height of Scandivian architecture? Now you can at our stunning facilities.

Have you experienced Dolby Atmos or DTS-X in our demonstration facility all played back with precision, detail and superb IMAX level dynamics through our effortless Cinema series system. Now you can.

On 14-15 October 2017, we are holding an event at XTZ HQ to showcase our products in partnership with the celebrated British manufacturer Arcam who produce processers and AV receivers that best compliment our speakers. Get in touch to reserve a space.

New Dirac Audio Processor Software!
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

The Dirac Audio Processor Software have been updated to new versions, we highly recommend everyone to upgrade.

It contains several stability and driver fixes with newer versions of Windows and MacOS.

You can download the software here:

2016 Guangzhou International Audio Exhibition
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

A lovely image from XTZ's exhibition in Guangzhou. Here we see the Divine ALPHA, Spirit series and Cinema M8´s. Exciting news that
should not be missed! Did you miss the chance to experience the new products in China, next up is Stockholm, Sweden!

High End Fair, Stockholm (18-19th of of February)

XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 (
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

The XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 on the french home-cinema site

"The sound image is transparent, precise and exactly reproduces the original record. The Cinema S5 dipoles create an extremely spatial sound which can verticality be supported by two Cinema S2 and is supplemented by the 1X12 which offers a superb compromise between closed box and bass-reflex. Very demanding, the ensemble will nevertheless require a (very) solid amplification in order to exploit their full potential."

XTZ attends Guangzhou AV fair
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

XTZ is exhibiting at the 2016 Guangzhou AV fair from 18th to 12th November in Room 646 (6th Floor).

Meet XTZ at Gothenburg hifi-show 17-18 september
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

XTZ is attending in the biggest hifi-show of Sweden in Gothenburg.
Visit us in Scandic Opalen in room "Vinga".


North West Audio Show
Posted on August 13 - 2017 by System Admin

Epic HC, UK Partner of XTZ sound will be unveiling exclusively to the UK Public their new flagship 3 way full bodied speaker at the North West Show,  the Divine Alpha.  “High end drivers and an exquisite design and at unbeatable value for money price” says the company’s press release. 

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